Rainer Schwabe

Manager, Evaluation of Financial Services

Mexican Central Bank (Banco de México)

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Ph.D. in Economics, Princeton University


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Monitoring Corruptible Politicians [ Download PDF ]

with Gustavo Bobonis and Luis Cámara Fuertes

This version: June 2013

Revision requested by the American Economic Review

Online Appendix [ Download PDF ]

Previous versions circulated under the titles "The Dynamic Effect of Information on Political Corruption: Theory and Evidence from Puerto Rico" and "Does Exposing Corrupt Politicians Reduce Corruption?"

Banco de México Working Paper version

Coverage on UDADISI - Andrés Marroquín's blog

Coverage on Puerto Rican news website Sin Comillas (in Spanish)


Bank Competition and Account Penetration: Evidence from Mexico [ Download PDF ]

with Georgina Marin

Banco de México Working Paper 2013-14, October 2013

Coverage in Mexican newspaper El Economista (in Spanish)


Super Tuesday: Campaign Finance and the Dynamics of Sequential Elections [ Download PDF ]

This version: July 2013

Revised and resubmitted to Social Choice and Welfare

2011 version with additional extensions [ Download PDF ]


Consultation and Delay in the Implementation of Regulation [ Download PDF ]

Supplementary material: notes on the multiple firm case [ Download PDF ]

This version: March 2013


Reputation and Accountability in Repeated Elections [ Download PDF ]

This version: August 2011


Preference for Variety [ Download PDF ]

with Karen Kaiser

B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics volume 12, issue 1, pages 1-30, January 2012

Banco de México Working Paper version in Spanish